A Woman in Berlin

A Woman in Berlin spec trailer

This spec trailer, written for the epic historical movie A Woman In Berlin about the Soviet occupation of Berlin in the post-World War II era, was never used or given a final edit (hence the lack of full Foley or dialogue integration), but is presented here because of its unusual character. For this trailer, the aim was to blend a Soviet flavor (the monolithic, brooding string writing) with the drama required for a Hollywood trailer. Featuring both erhu and choir for additional color, this trailer is written in several distinct “scenes” to correspond with the video editing.

22 hours ago
I was interviewed by the Thumpmonks podcast...had a great convo about music and biz and creativity. Check it out: https://t.co/6wIz9M7paW
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Saturday @scoringarts: part 3 of a really immersive study on James Horner's score to Apollo 13. Free. https://t.co/r6zaAyOth3
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