Oceans 8

Ocean’s Eight

Every thriller needs a cumulative total of thousands of pieces of sound and music elements to complete the drama, and the latest installment in the series, Ocean’s Eight, is no exception. Starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, I’m privileged to have had a part in contributing sound design to this highly enjoyable movie.

Here is the trailer:

5 days ago
USB was a little flaky on that model so let’s hope no one has to go there to unplug or replug anything https://t.co/IrN3J7Xzb9
2 weeks ago
Absolutely lovely...the beginnings of the recording industry...from the 1800's: https://t.co/KstgGoKyzy
2 weeks ago
Ellen and Alex P. Keaton’s romance. (Cue @billybeater’s magical song) https://t.co/qWoao5hFZo
2 weeks ago
After months of work, Allen v. Farrow is out on #HBO! Huge congrats to Michael Abels for a brilliant score and thanks to him for inviting me on the team! #allenvfarrow https://t.co/4Wdp4EBv3F
2 weeks ago
Pausing today's session to, you know, just watch a live Mars landing. https://t.co/aQ0ZF814aL