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Covid season has seen an explosion in virtual ensembles making music videos. I had long had this project in mind when I first discovered the K-Pop stars NCT 127 and their blockbuster hit Superhuman. (If you haven’t heard their electrifying version, here it is on YouTube.) Now, with the help of friends and collaborators across the world, we’ve created an a cappella cover version of the song. This song features the talents of Mayta Cohen, Esther Hyun, Madalen Tojicic, Yo Hwan Yoon, Justin Crichfield, Parker Wright, Patrick Nie, Daniel Jinha Kim, and Inhyeok Yeo.

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New on my YouTube channel: I show you how I create a reverse vocal riser. Check it out.
2 days ago
Lots of great news from #Apple today. Here's my take on the new announcements and where we are with the Apple Silicon transition for musicians:
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Pro tip: when orchestrating, make sure the cellos are supported. (RT @MigueldOliveira) daviddas photo
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Coming Sunday: Kevin Kiner, Angel Velez, and Nolan Markey are in to talk Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7! Free if you sign up for any tier of membership at daviddas photo