Superhuman 500px


Covid season has seen an explosion in virtual ensembles making music videos. I had long had this project in mind when I first discovered the K-Pop stars NCT 127 and their blockbuster hit Superhuman. (If you haven’t heard their electrifying version, here it is on YouTube.) Now, with the help of friends and collaborators across the world, we’ve created an a cappella cover version of the song. This song features the talents of Mayta Cohen, Esther Hyun, Madalen Tojicic, Yo Hwan Yoon, Justin Crichfield, Parker Wright, Patrick Nie, Daniel Jinha Kim, and Inhyeok Yeo.

1 day ago
Launching my #tiktok career. Always, ALWAYS be prepared.
3 days ago
Can only be Ravel, but at least give me the right not to hear Bolero on loop
7 days ago
A short little #orchestral #tango I wrote, inspired by my childhood Argentinian piano teacher.
1 week ago
Don’t think there are any others besides obviously Love Me Do and Piano Man.
2 weeks ago
Clever, but he could stand to learn how to use a simple 8va mark daviddas photo