Still In Love: Best of College A Cappella 2000

The University of Rochester’s premier female a cappella group, Vocal Point, has been singing and recording some of my arrangements for years, and one of them was selected for inclusion on the annual compilation series¬†BOCA 2K: Best of College A Cappella 2000. The arrangement is a smooth a cappella rendition of Brian McKnight’s “Still In Love.”

It’s available for purchase from Amazon.

3 days ago
It's done. Perhaps the most epic a cappella production I've ever worked on, with a lot of help from my friends. Enjoy SUPERHUMAN: #kpop #acappella @NCTsmtown_127 #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN
5 days ago
...and now sparklingthreads is planting earworms in my head...
5 days ago
It's like sparklingthreads is living inside my head.
1 week ago
Not a whole lot of sessions going on, so I had to step into my friend @danlutz's private session with @louiepalmerdrum. #50waystoleaveyourlover
1 week ago
Finally taking the plunge: backing up with SuperDuper -> Mojave -> Catalina in the hopes it'll clear up some longstanding issues. #Mac #Upgrade