Vir2 Logo

Vir2 Instruments Video Logo

Corporate logos are really interesting to work on, as a tremendous amount of detail and uniqueness has to be crammed into just a few seconds. I always strive to come up with something unique, not just slap a couple of sound effects in there. This video logo, designed for Vir2 Instruments, is the result of about twelve different sonic layers, some tonal, some not. Video logos like this are used at the beginning of instructional or promotional videos as a way to further increase brand awareness, and they can be very effective at subliminally setting the tone for what follows.

22 hours ago
I was interviewed by the Thumpmonks podcast...had a great convo about music and biz and creativity. Check it out:
2 days ago
Saturday @scoringarts: part 3 of a really immersive study on James Horner's score to Apollo 13. Free.
6 days ago
I hope @apple tech support can help with this, because this game has me all kinds of happy. #oregontrail #macos8 #vintagemac #Macintosh daviddas photo