Wall Street

Wall Street: 20th Anniversary Edition Trailer

It’s always a great thrill to compose music for trailers, which require an approach that involves compressing a great deal of movement and musical animation into very specific timeframes to coincide with the video onscreen and to punctuate the motion.

This particular trailer, created for the 20th anniversary edition of the Michael Douglas film Wall Street, utilizes a lot of drums and guitars, and special effects on the guitars. This being a midnight call “we need it done yesterday” job, I ended up playing all the guitars and bass myself, and using Addictive Drums for the drums. Once the musical bed was written, several layers of sound effects were added on top to complete the special sauce that marries the music to the video.

4 days ago
I was interviewed by the Thumpmonks podcast...had a great convo about music and biz and creativity. Check it out: https://t.co/6wIz9M7paW
4 days ago
Saturday @scoringarts: part 3 of a really immersive study on James Horner's score to Apollo 13. Free. https://t.co/r6zaAyOth3
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